Learn from over 20 years in business, from start-ups to large corporates and over 8 years’ experience in marketplaces. We have put all this experience into a single process to help the businesses listed on our websites grow.

Get this free, easy to read document which includes our 1 pager Growth Plan. Avoid long strategy documents that sit in a cupboard and rather focus on the key things that will focus you, your staff and your business to get more leads and this grow.

With simple tips for implementation, information and tips on each available online marketing channel and how to get the most from them as well as heir effectiveness and written in a way you will find easy to digest you can start on the most important document you will ever have, your 1 pager Growth Plan.

Business is hard but no matter what. What all businesses need to survive is customers.

In a competitive market, no matter what strategies you decide on to grow, you will need leads. Leads are people who have indicated an interest in your product or service and who are no longer passively considering options but are actively deciding on a provider.

Once you have leads you will need to convert those leads into customers by giving them the trust and perception that you have a quality offering, can deliver on your promise and finally that your price is reasonable, i.e. that the value of perception of value you offer equals or at least exceeds your price.

Once you have customers you need to retain them, nurture them, keep them interested and at the same time ensure you do not break their trust by trying to sell too much, being too pushy and so on. Retaining a customer requires much less effort than finding a new one.

This report takes you through how to be innovative in your lead generation, how to present yourself and your business well and how to win new paying customers through focus and a simple 1 pager Growth Plan.


Virginia – Small Business Owner

I thought this was common sense until I realised I was doing it all wrong. Since reading and implementing a couple of the easiest options in my Growth Plan I have doubled the number of leads to my business with little additional effort.

Alex – Trainer

As a specialist I didn’t realise how little I really knew about marketing my business online. This report was great and put things in perspective. Also helped calm me at the daunting task of building a new business and create focus in my daily activities. Many businesses fail in the first 3 months, I am now 7 months in and going strong. I read my Single Page Growth Plan every day.

Roger – Tradesmen

It was either famine of feast from a business perspective. Doing the Single Pager Growth Plan helped me focus my thinking and effort and smooth out the humps in revenue, giving me enough confidence to hire an assistant.

Our free ROI Booklet include

Lead generation to Super Charged ROI

The building blocks of a 1 pager ROI plan

The ins and outs of search engines, social media and marketplaces

How to measure performance in these channels

Setting yourself up for success

Calculating ROI

Improving conversion

Free online tools

Developing your bullet proof ROI Plan

The 1-Pager ROI Plan template

How to access the ROI Booklet

To download our free ROI Booklet valued at $39, you will need to claim or set-up a free listing on one of The Digital Company’s marketplaces. No catch, no commitment, you might even get some leads. Select from the websites below to start your journey to growth through lead generation.