One of our priorities is working with Associations representing the business members of our marketplaces.
Associations are always seeking out new ways to support and help their members, more ways to add value or help them grow their businesses.
Let us help you help them.

How we can help

We have numerous packages available to associations depending on volume of members and the industry they operate in.

Our packages include free or discounted paid listings on our most relevant website/s and if these become paid listings, then a revenue share program ensures funding back to you, the association; all for doing what you do which is helping members grow and prosper.

Full reporting and transparency is key in these partnerships and our systems support both.

Benefits of a listing to an association member

Lower cost/qualified leads, contacts and clicks

Ability to promote special offers and events on the website and in newsletters

Improved online visibility to attract more customers

Ability to manage, optimise and customise their online presencey

Benefits for the association

Bringing special offers and value to your members

Ability to further promote your association and grow membership

Successful members = Growth for the association

Revenue share for those who upgrade, paid quarterly

Full reportingy

Our websites are built to deliver quality leads, booking requests and clicks to businesses at lower rates than Google and Facebook.

Risks are managed with a 30-day money back guarantee if they have opted for a paid listing. Free listings remain free.


Please contact us for a proposal or request a call to see how if can help you fulfill your association objectives.